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The Drumming GuysWelcome to
Drumming co za!
We specialise in all things drumming - from team building drumming sessions, to interactive events and drumming performances, drum sales, drumming parties, and more...
We have a passion for percussion!
For any enquiries or an obligation free quotation - contact us.

Where do we operate? - The Drumming Guys provide team building & drumming services throughout SA and abroad. We have drummers operating in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban.. and where ever required.. we gladly travel to any other areas.
Enquire for more info.

Get into the groove with interactive drumming!

Interactive Drumming
Interactive drumming sessions
We come to you, bringing with us all necessary drums and instruments. And soon you'll be making music facilitated by our professional drummers - ideal for year-end functions, team building, parties, tour groups, conferences, weddings...

We deliver awesome team experiences!

5 Ways to build winning Teams

1) Show appreciation for your staff. Recognise and reward.

2) Create a sense of belonging - Build a culture so that people feel part of a unique community - where they can come to work and be part of a community, sharing similar values - and make human connections with people they like.

3) Management - Challenge your people, your team. Develop people and give feedback - both candid and inspirational. Your job is to develop people. Don't be too busy to develop talent. Your job is to mentor people. To take them to a level they never imagined.

4) Celebration. The Team that celebrates together - stays together. Don't wait until year-end, celebrate the "process wins" - celebrate the small results achieved along the way. As you do that it creates energy and momentum. And people fall in love with your dream and vision and objectives.

more coming soon...

Team building sessions

drumming team buildingTeam building drumming
Our team building sessions are high energy, interactive, fun and effective. We have many years of expertise in producing succesful events, and aim to bring you a highly memorable & constructive team building experience.

Interactive drumming to Music
We have a soundtrack that will inspire and energise your team, our Professional drummers will take your team on a musical journey featuring South African classics and contemporary Pop hits, beginning with an introduction to the djembe drum, playing techniques and basic rhythms - which will be used to play along to the music. Participants are encouraged to express themselves creatively..
All the drums and sound equipment is provided. Enquire for more info.

Interactive Gumboot Dancing

Team building utilising the uniquely South African art form of Gumboot dancing, where rhythm and dance combine to create a unique experience. Within minutes we will have your team working together - and utimately, collaborating in creating a dance routine together.

Belly Dance & Middle Eastern rhythms workshop
A drumming and dance team building session using middle eastern rhythms and belly dancing, Our facilitators will begin by teaching basic rhythms for belly dancing, the belly dance facilitator will teach the accompanying dances. The team can be divided into drummers and dancers, and swap roles during the session. There are also different accompanying dances specifically for males (which don't require too much dexterity).

Drum and instrument making
We teach your team to make their own drums & percussion instruments, the workshop concludes with an interactive drumming session - since you have to experience playing your own drums & instruments once you've completed making them.

Paint drumming
A unique new concept introduced by popular demand. Enquire for more details. It's an amazing experience of sound and colour!

Drumming for Schools

From team building sessions for staff or learners, to regular (weekly or monthly) drum classes where the aim is to teach the subtleties of percussion techniques and rhythms - and set learners on a path to discovering the joys of music.
Drumming is suitable for all ages and has numerous benefits - including developing cognitive, memory and motor skills.
[Learn more here]

The meaning of Rhythm

What is the importance of rhythm? What does it mean to us?
Here is an excellent exposition of West African culture: drumming, rhythms, work, drum making, dance.. and why rhythm is the heartbeat of their culture.
"Rhythm is everything."
FOLI - there is no movement without rhythm.

Drumming Guys - Videos

Below are some of our youtube videos of our team building sessions,
interactive drumming events & live performances (links open new windows):
Team building drumming session - unifying with musical activities.
Interactive drumming - calling the rest of the company to come drum!
Interactive drumming session for Merck 350 yr Birthday - international live broadcast event.
Team building session encore - "We want more!"
"Thank you so much to you and the team for an excellent drumming session on Friday at our team building event.
The response from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the drumming session and it was very well conducted.
Job well done !!!"
This is how it feels when the group plays as one - interactive drumming for year-end function.
Flashmob rehearsal (Drum & Dance)- collaborations and custom made performances for events.
A unique show - combining African drums, Cuban percussion and an electrifying performance.
Client Feedback -
International Luxury Hotel Owner's Conference (Cape Town):
"Thank you very much for your performance on Saturday night - our guests loved you
and everybody couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had!"
Nkgwete IT Solutions year-end awards 2020 - Welcome drummers for african themed event.

Drumming and Dance Performances

High energy drumming performancesWest African drumming - The Drumming Guys
High energy West African drumming and dance. From welcome drummers to stage performances. African drummers ensemble - can include dancers and other performers. Performances can be combined with interactive drumming.

Gumboot Dance
Showcasing the dance form that was invented in South African mines. Also offering other SA dance forms.

Cuban and Afro-cuban Percussion
Cuban rhythms and instruments have their origins in Africa, but have evolved over the years into a distinct latin sound that is associated with Salsa, Jazz and more.
Salsa, Latin and African Jazz bands also available.

Middle Eastern Darbuka and Zaffa drummers
Can be combined with Bellydance. Very popular with Middle Eastern themed events.

Marimba band
Traditional and contemporary melodies. Can be combined with dancers!

[Learn more here]

Obini Bata - Cuban drummingObini is the Yoruban word for Woman.
Bata drumming is the oldest drum tradition of Cuba, descended from African traditions.

Obini Bata was formed by Director Eva Despaigne and other members of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba - Cuba's national folkloric music and dance company.

In Cuba the Bata are traditionally played only by men, but Obini Bata have challenged centuries of tradition and taboo by becoming the first all-female bata drumming ensemble in Cuba.

See their documentary on youtube - Una sonrisa para el tambor / A smile for the drum -

[Learn more about Obini Bata here - performances, workshops & Bookings]

Drums & Percussion Sales

buy Djembe & bongo drumsWe offer a variety of traditional and modern drums and percussion instruments. Be it factory produced or hand made - try us for great value and excellent quality.

We specialise in hand carved african djembes, doun douns (West African bass drums) and other african drums and instruments.

Souvenir Drums for gifts, or promotions also available.

Custom Drums - we hand make professional quality drums and instruments for the stage and studio - djembe, douns, quinto, conga, tumba, bongos and more - contact us for further info.

Hand made Congas review
- Drums & Percussion SA Magazine
(Issue 19) -
 "A product that comfortably sits up there with the best the world has to offer."

Read the full Conga review here -->>

Interview with Musica Na Mochila (Music for Backpackers) -
Brazilian TV documentary.


We undertake repairs to a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments.
[Learn more here]

5 Ways to reduce Work - related stress

1) Get organised to feel more in control.
2) Take time off to recharge.
3) Exercise as part of your work day wind down.
4) Disconnect from devices at home.
5) Speak up if you can't cope with your workload.

Drumming Therapy

Drumming TherapyNumerous medical studies have shown the health benefits of drumming, as well as a wide range of applications.
From group drumming sessions to individual therapy - hand drumming has been proven to be highly effective and very versatile, and has been used in a variety of therapeutic contexts.
[Learn more]

About Us
Drumming co za logo
The Drumming Guys was formed by Johan Botha in the early 2000's.

Johan holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand:
BA - Psychology; English & Classics - other subjects include Latin; Afrikaans & Nederlands and Philosophy.

Our Approach to Interactive Team Building

We can custom make team building experiences to address your specific organisational needs.

We like Musicality, strong rhythm, good groove and tight playing.
We have a passion for percussion!

We are results driven - and have every intention of making your event a success.

A background in
Psychology has informed our approach to Team Building - and differentiates our teambuilding sessions from our competitors. (As well as the quality of our performance.)
We recognise that since music is primarily experiential - we do not presume to explain how you should interpret or feel about the experience. We believe learning should come from within.
We believe that people are the most important element of any business, or organisation.
We employ a human-centred approach, and our sessions also address the
social aspects of group psychology.

Because that is what facilitates real team development - and makes the team stronger.

Client feedback -

Johannesburg Stock Exchange
"Thank you very much to Johan and his team for coming to host our drumming team building event. The drumming was fun, energising and had the whole team dancing and singing. Their performance was brilliant and well enjoyed by all in the team. The drumming brought the team together to all have fun together without considering which person performs which role in the office, and outside we were all just a bunch of people having fun and making music together.
Thank you again!"

Nativa Healthcare (Pretoria):
"As a Social Psychologist I can tell you this form of team building really works. People normally take much longer to begin socialising the way they are now- and it was catalysed by your drumming session."

SAPREF (Durban):
"Just a quick note to say thank you for the great afternoon.
Everyone had such fun and it was wonderful to see our whole department join in.
It definitely was a positive step towards Building our Team."

The Drumming GuysThe Drumming Guys performed the
live drumming soundtrack for the official FIFA 2010 World Cup theme song.

The FIFA 2010 World Cup took place in South Africa, the official song and video was commissioned by the SA Department of Sports and Culture.
The video was flighted on all SABC TV channels prior to and during the World Cup.

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Women deserve equal treatment.
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Cell: 083 550 6569

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